✅ Cosmetics logistics - Challenges and characteristics

Posted by Lógicos 3PL on Jan 8, 2021 3:23:54 PM

In recent years, products related to hygiene and personal care have experienced constant exponential growth. While it is true that during the last year this growth has stagnated due to the pandemic, there are categories such as skin care that have been able to ride the wave.

This trend in the evolution of the cosmetic industry has as its main catalyst the new generations. Apart from being more aware of what personal care implies, their consumption habits have also modified the market. Internet has become one of the preferred shopping channels for young people, since they have all the options in just one click.

Seeing these new trends, companies in the cosmetics sector have to resort to innovative solutions in both their sales channel and their supply chain. And it is in this moment when Lógicos 3PL can become the ideal partner.

The cosmetic sector has unique characteristics and it is among the most demanding at all levels. Controlling the stock and volume of orders, as well as delivery times, are just some of the things to pay special attention to.

Here you can find some of the characteristics to take into account in the cosmetics sector in order to carry out adequate logistics:

  • Characteristics of the products

    Cosmetic products are usually very sensitive to both extreme temperatures and humidity or light. Therefore, when it comes to storage, it is necessary to have a place that can adapt to these requirements, whether it is your own warehouse or that of a 3PL logistics partner such as Lógicos.

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  • Meeting demand
    One of the main challenges that the cosmetic sector implies is to deal with its dynamism: it is an ever-changing sector that regularly adapts to the prevailing fashions.

    The continuous product launches create difficulties for companies to adapt to the continuous market fluctuations, as well as to control supply and demand.

    It is very important to have a 3PL logistics operator who adapts to the specific characteristics of this sector in terms of storage and fulfillment.

  • Stock Management
    There are certain times of the year when the demand for cosmetic products is altered, such as during the summer, Black Friday or Christmas. If you have the services of a logistics operator such as Lógicos, this partner will have to analyse the flow of products and the seasonal nature of them to maintain the appropriate stock throughout the year.

    Forecasting the demand and the purchasing behaviour of customers will help monitor inventory and avoid supply bottlenecks.

  • Delivery times

Another challenge in this sector has to do with the high expectations of customers in terms of delivery times for online products. They are usually used to the delivery times of giants like Amazon that ship with 24 or 48 hour deadlines.

The only way to meet these demands is through logistics and an optimised storage and transport network. In addition, an optimised logistics network close to the point of delivery will also have a positive impact on other issues such as CO₂ emissions.


Keys to logistics for the cosmetics sector - Lógicos 3PL

Lógicos 3PL is an expert logistics operator in the cosmetic sector; we are here to facilitate and minimise your work:

  • Warehousing

    We have an optimised warehouse with multi-volume areas that meet the needs of all types of products. In addition to  for delicate products such as many cosmetics, we also have 24/7 security in the facilities.

  • Pick & Pack

    We take care of packing each order according to your requirements. It is very important for us to create personalised and special orders; we can also use your own packaging.

    Furthermore, we know that due to the characteristics of this sector, we will surely have to face many promotional actions, as well as new launches.

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  • Shipping & Freight Brokerage

    We take care of minimising costs by grouping shipments and contacting the right carrier. In addition, we ship anywhere in the world; optimised management of inventory, transportation and customs is vital to us.

    We also know that customers often demand tight delivery times, that's why our transport solutions are also more flexible.

  • Reverse logistics

    Although our goal is to achieve the satisfaction of the final customer, sometimes the customer changes his mind about the product. Managing returns efficiently and smoothly is vital to maintain consumer confidence.

  • Supply Chain Innovation

    In each of the steps that we take, innovation prevails. For us, having the latest technology is of utmost importance. That's why our systems integrate with yours so you never lose sight of your stock or your operations.

    Each one of our supply chain management is oriented to satisfy your requirements as well as the needs and requests of the end customer.

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As we have already said, in Lógicos, we are specialised in the logistics of the cosmetic sector for both ecommerce and distributors, so do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.