How we do it?

At Lógicos we integrate our system with yours to take over the entire logistics function.

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We work with a clear and organized
methodology to achieve
the best results


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Transparent pricing
Our pricing is simple, doesn't not change during the year and there're no hidden costs. Get an estimated quote in seconds with our pricing calculator.
 We’ve invested on infrastructure and technology to make sure we can scale with our customers. We take care of your operations so you can focus on increasing your sales.
Multi channel
We can integrate with the different platforms and inventory systems so you have one centralized stock. No matter who is your customer, you’ll offer them the best service
Real time information
We adapt the technology for each customer so you can have a clear vision of your business and your operations in real time.
Our ‘Simplify Logistics’ mentality spreads along every member of our team -from our warehouse staff to company managers- to improve your operations management experience.
Systems integration
Connecting our system with yours is easier than you think. No matter if you sell through an ecommerce platform, marketplace or you use an ERP, our cloud-based system integrates seamlessly so we can manage your operations directly. 

We make it simple

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We do it for you
We know logistics can be complicad and time consuming, let us take care of them.
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Your growth is our growth
We optimize your operations so you can focus on escalating your business.
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We're transparent
We use a simple pricing so you can know how much you'll pay each month.
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